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Worldwide Transport

We’re a leading provider of freight transportation with the world-class network, technology and service our customers need in Zambia.




Forwarding Services

Delegating logistics is the best option for companies growing or reducing costs.



Transporting your cargo by air, sea, and land. We keep products moving as quickly and effectively as possible.



Warehousing and Storage

Our warehousing and storage capabilities ensure a seamless transport of consignments through all stages of the transport cycle.


Quality and Performance at the right price

Whether your company is currently growing or you need to reduce costs, delegating the logistics of your goods is becoming the best option, chosen by thousands of companies. We at EMCourier attend to your requests at all times, and track the goods from the moment they leave the factory until they are delivered to your end customer. We cover a wide range of logistical services that include but are not limited to: the transport of your goods; warehousing; cargo handling; final distribution of products; etc.

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