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The EMS Cooperative is run by members of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), a specialized agency of the United Nations. The EMS Cooperative aims to promote cooperation between member postal organizations to provide their customers with a high quality global EMS service.

Since its creation, the EMS Cooperative has strengthened the EMS product through the establishment of common standards and procedures. The EMS Cooperative provides a range of activities and measurements to help postal operators improve and deliver a high-quality EMS service, members of the EMS Cooperative have access to the full range of services.

The EMS Cooperative does not have a legal status of its own, nor does it constitute a cooperative company as defined in private law.

If you represent a postal organization and wish to join the EMS Cooperative please refer to the "Become a member" page.

The EMS Unit works on behalf of the designated-operators who are members of the EMS Cooperative and is part of the International Bureau of the UPU in Berne, Switzerland.

The EMS Unit provides a global focus to allow the worldwide EMS network to better meet the needs of postal customers by providing a number of services to support EMS operators.

The EMS Unit is an administrative body working for postal operators and does not deal with individual customer inquiries. If you need to find information about an EMS item please find the relevant contact information on the EMS on the EMS Global Network page.